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I guess my love for social networking and putting myself out there shamelessly helped me get onto Hair Battle Spectacular. I watched the first season, and of course my quest to be famous made me interested in trying out for the next season. But for some reason I didn't actually persue it, nor did I even hear that they were casting for a second season. Then, while I was doing a client’s hair at my salon, someone from the show called and said they were interested in me and wanted me to audition. Of course I said yes and was super excited! That is how I usually am, if I am given a good opportunity I can't say no to it. Why work so hard to turn down your next big break? But later I got a little nervous about putting myself out there. In the end it was ultimately my good friend, Worm Carnevale, who told me I had to do it, and that I was good enough...he's good at pep talks, and he was totally right!

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While I am on the show I hope to push my skills to the limit. I can't wait to see what I can produce! I am excited to learn new things from all the other cast members, and of course just create awesome hair with hair that I didn't pay for or beg for a bigger budget for...I can't wait to have everything at my fingertips and have the only limits be my imagination. If I leave the show, I just hope to leave with some new skills, some inspiration, and maybe a couple of friends to boot? But who knows about that last part haha.

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My out-there sense of style makes me stand out. But I think in this competition it will be my personality. I might not be the loudest one in the bunch, but I definitely try to be the nicest. Why create unnecessary enemies when you can make friends... but I can have my catty side…we’ll see who will bring it out of me. I also think it will be my eye for detail which will set me apart. I like to keep everything super clean and sleek. I know when to stop adding elements and how to make the most out of my work. You know the rule of thumb: before you leave, you should take one accessory off. Well I feel like there are some fantasy hair stylists that don't listen to that, and put too many elements into a style and just do too much. I would much rather see one or two really awesome clean things than a bunch of ehhh things. Let’s see if my strategy works...hopefully it will!

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This season, expect to see me push myself to be my best and try to pull myself out of my comfort zone with hair. Expect to see some pretty awesome shoes; hopefully you get to see the small sampling of amazing shoes that I brought for the season! Expect to see a fun girlie girl wear a ton of make-up, a ton of hair, and a bunch of eyelashes, while trying to make the best hairstyles that she can. I already feel my creativity flowing and ready to come out!

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