Dimples on Episode 2: Hands Tied, Camera Ready

This week’s Check Up from the Neck Up had me nervous because we had no clue what we were working with until after we picked it. When we showed up in the salon and saw all the hat boxes I just remember thinking oh no, anything can be in those things. When we were picking our boxes I went for the cool silvery metallic box because it was the prettiest. After I opened that box I was like crap, I totally should have gone with the obvious choice of pink! I had only silver hair, black mesh, and packing peanuts!! What the heck was I going to do with packing peanuts?! We hardly had any time and I was just sitting there trying to figure out a cool way to make those three pieces work together, and I was honestly stumped! In the end I came up with a crazy ponytail that kind of reminded me of a girlie tin man, and I made a bow out of the mesh and stuffed it with the packing peanuts. Then I decided I would glue the packing peanuts scattered onto the hair piece, I tried hot glue...they melted…then I tried weave glue...they melted. But at that point I had marks on my piece that i had to cover from the two trials with glue. So I decided to use hair pins to pin them on, the problem was you could see the pins because we only had black hair pins...ugh. And of course Derek J called me out on it, why wouldn't he lol. If only the packing peanuts weren't bio-degradable, my first idea would have totally worked out.

When Blondie put me against Camouflage I wasn't really sure of her angle, I honestly thought she would put me against J9 because she saw that we had such a good connection, but I was pretty confident, especially when I found out what the challenge was, all black and white, and I had to make coordinating lashes!! Camouflage even said he was worried because I live for false eyelashes!! I know it is hard to tell on TV but every day that we filmed I wore lashes that I built out of different sets to be exactly what I wanted and super long and thick. Then that was the challenge...easy! I knew exactly what I was going to do.

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When I make a hair piece, I don't usually go into it with a set idea, I kind of like to see where it goes and let it happen. Which is sort of the hard thing for me on this show, I like to start a piece but finish the piece on the model, but with the way our time is given I can't do it that way. So when I was in the supply room I saw cone shaped Styrofoam and I was just thinking kind of like opposites since we were starting with black and white. So then I was planning on working with different textures and rounded edges and angles. I ended up cutting a slice off of the cones so that one side was flat to give it that angular look, and then on the rounded side I smoothed on black hair and on the flat side I cut up white hair to give it more of a rough appearance. Then the rest of the hair piece I made it super teased and textured and wanted to make a smooth long bang that covered one of the eyes. The reason I wanted to cover an eye was because I wanted more lashes but we were only allowed to take two! That is totally not enough for me lol so I used all of them for one eye and that solved my problem, then I added three curled triangle pieces of paper to the top and bottom lashes to kind of mirror the cones in the hair. Perfect!

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When I was named a Hair Don't I was really surprised, I still stand by my hair piece and really thought that the challenge was meant to be more avant garde and when I got my critique they told me it was too avant garde and not enough fantasy. And while yes the lashes were extreme, I totally didn't spend more time on the lashes than I did on my piece like they said, those lashes literally took me 5 minutes! I still love my piece and I was happy with it, so to me that is what matters. I was excited that J9 won! I loved her piece and I love her, we instantly connected over music and a bunch of other stuff so I was excited to see a friend win.

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I was bummed out when I was eliminated, but I was also slightly relieved. I think that it was slightly obvious on the show that I was a little out of my element, and I am a creature of habit. I loved doing the hair, and if the whole show was just about hair, I would have loved it, but those performances killed me. I am just not a crazy performer; I like to let my hairstyling do the work of telling the story and impressing people. I personally think that if you need to sell your piece with a backflip then the hair piece failed. No offense to the people who did backflips lol, I give you credit for being able to do it, but I just don't think that it is necessary. But really I think that it just cheapens the work. I was sad to leave the friends I made, and sad to keep pushing myself to my hair limits, but I guess I don't totally need a show to do that! Since I have been home I have been working like crazy and making new hair pieces to release as the show airs. Sure I might not know all the challenges that were given after I left but I made my own challenges and I have never been happier with my work. I learned a ton, met cool people and got inspired, so even though I didn't do as well on the show as I originally planned I am still happy I did it and still happy that I got the opportunity and I can't wait for the opportunities to follow. This will not be the last that you see from me by any means!

If you want to still follow my work and see what else I have done since I have been off the show, add my facebook page! You won't be disappointed!! www.facebook.com/Dimples.KristinJackson
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