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When I first walked into the salon and saw my competition, the first thing I looked at was their shoes. I know that sounds crazy, but I think you can tell a lot about a stylist, the type of training they received and the kind of person they are by what they are wearing on their feet. Sneakers and ripped up jeans on anyone - boy or girl - should NEVER happen in a salon. As soon as I saw that, I knew what I was up against, and I was just slowly crossing out the competition. The people that stood out to me as being tougher competition were definitely Bossa Nova and Atomic; you could just tell they were confident.

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When we were all standing there introducing ourselves, I don't know why but I really wasn't expecting to just jump into a "Check up from the Neck up" challenge... But of course we were there for like 10 minutes and already scrambling trying to find everything we needed in the salon to make our hair pieces. When Eva told us that our first "Check up from the Neck up" was going to be based on a celebrity, I first thought “oh no, I haven't had cable in years, I don't read the newspaper, the only info I get on celebrities is what I see on Facebook, and what I read in the National Inquirer when I go home and visit my parents every so often”. When the models showed us the names of who we were going to be designing our hair after, I was looking at the names and got nervous. Like yeah, I knew the obvious ones like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, but I didn’t know anything about Serena Williams, other than that she was a tennis player, and I didn’t even know who a lot of the other people were. I was standing there hoping that I picked a water bottle with a low enough number that I could pick someone that I knew. Thankfully I did, so I picked the obvious choice, Katy Perry. I know, I know, I played it safe since I had worked with her before (I was the one who made the wigs from the California Gurls video) so obviously I knew I could handle it. But then of course there was a twist (why wouldn't there be!): we had to make hair based on a tweet that the celebrity we picked posted on twitter. So then I got even more of a pit in my stomach. I already follow Katy on twitter, and she posts some crazy tweets, so I was expecting to see my tweet be something like "twerk" haha, but luckily it was about loving Paris, so I knew what I was going to do.

Just when I thought that was it, Eva told us our pieces had to be at least 3 feet tall! And be done in only two and a half hours!!! Seriously!? So I made an Eiffel Tower with a heart on top since Katy said she loved Paris. Was it perfect? Heck no. Was I proud that I got it on the model’s head and that it stayed on, all in the time given? Of course. I think the best part about it was that even though I am super short and I feel like I got the tallest model, I made it work. She was the most understanding; I had her sitting on the floor of the salon covered in hair while I assembled the hair piece and sewed it onto her hair. She was a serious trooper. When Derek J came to see my piece he said it was good, but messy, which I totally agreed with. If I had even just another half hour I think I could have made it so much better, but at least it was on the models hair, and it was, for the most part, finished. I didn't win, but I also wasn't in the bottom, so I was feeling pretty good.

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Keeping up with the celebrity theme we found out that our first Grand Slam will be about celebrities, but this time about a celebrity that inspired us. So of course I picked Christina Aguilera – everyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with her. I love her music, her style... well basically everything about her. Since the movie “Burlesque’ came out, I figured I would highlight her actress side so the base of my hair style was a huge director's clap board with "X-Tina" written on it, then I added music notes and huge red lips to it.

My battle opponent was Bronx. After seeing her "Check up from the Neck Up" challenge piece I wasn't too worried about the battle, but I still wanted to prove that I was better than the sloppy Eiffel Tower I made earlier. When we were in our final hour I turned and noticed that Bronx was taking her piece apart!!! I couldn't believe it. Even though I wanted to win, I still thought that that was a crazy move and hoped that she would finish it, and lucky for her, she did. How lame would it have been if I had to go against someone that didn't have anything to show? It would have taken away the glory of winning!

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When Derek J critiqued my piece he told me he loved the lips I made and that it was a lot cleaner than my "Check up from the Neck Up" piece, so I was happy about that. But then he had my model turn around... Ughhhh that was the most embarrassing part! I had originally planned to add a bunch of extensions to my models hair and leave her hair down in big waves to make it look like hair that Christina would wear. But that last hour crept up on me and I ran out of time and didn't get to put the extensions in my models hair. It was so flat and boring in the back that I was like okay, I will try to save it and put it in a ponytail. The problem was that it didn't save it. But it’s okay, I was still a Hair Do, which was super exciting. I didn't have to worry about going home and I had nothing to worry about during all the other battles!

When Bronx went home it finally hit me that someone is going to go home every episode and it made it feel more like a competition... It was kind of sad. I was happy that it wasn't me of course, but it was a bummer that after we all got comfortable in the house and started becoming friends we would slowly be disappearing one by one. When you go into a show like this, you think to yourself, I am not going to make friends with the others; I am just going to compete and win. And honestly I always doubted that people started such close friendships so quickly on reality shows. But being thrown into a house together with 11 other people and spending every waken moment with them, you have no choice but to become close. You are the only people that will know what it was like, and the only people that can talk about it to each other and really understand what it’s like. So of course we became close fast, and up until Bronx went home it felt more like The Real World hair stylist edition. But now it feels like the name of the show, Hair Battle... and now I am ready to compete against everyone!

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