GQ on HBS 201

It was nice to see people from all walks of life in the hair industry come together to compete. I wasn't intimidated at all. I was excited to work alongside the best and show everyone that a barber can do more than just male grooming. That said, I'm sure I was the only one able to do great male grooming in the room.

I was excited to show what I can do in the first “Check Up from the Neck-Up”. It was fun to use a tweet as inspiration for a hair style. I was floored when I heard that our design had to be over three feet tall! I had no idea at the time how to accomplish that kind of style.

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After the check-up, it was time for Derek J to review our work. I understood what he said, that I could have been neater with my hair style. I figure I could grow from his criticism.

I was again excited to show what I can do in the Grand Slam challenge. I felt that the challenge really allowed all the stylists to really use their imagination and showcase what their celebrity is all about in three aspects.

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I chose Jennifer Lopez as my celebrity inspiration because she covers more than just one aspect of the entertainment industry. Thinking of all that she does is a huge motivation for me. Seeing her make it and continue to be strong and determined keeps me moving forward towards my own success.

I was a little upset when I didn’t win. I felt that my hair piece was on point with what I was trying to showcase. I felt that my wardrobe was a great impression of Jennifer Lopez as well. When I heard some of the judges tell me that I didn’t do a great job on styling clothes, I thought to myself, "Glad I'm not on Project Runway!"

I was sad to see Bronx go home. She has a great creative mind. It seemed that the challenges got the best of her.

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