J9 on Episode 2: Hands Tied, Camera Ready

For this week’s Check Up from the Neck Up challenge, I decided that after not being able to finish the wine glass last week, that I wanted to play it safe with time, but still be avant garde. I think it looked chic, wearable, and modern.

Ayyyyyy, I wasn't even expecting to be in the top 2. I was excited to just catch Derek & Eva's attention. I was proud of myself for finishing anything (in such a small amount of time) with style! Plus, my ponytail was fucking fantastic. No one dares do a po-nay-nay like me.

When Blondie chose me to battle Atomic in the Glam Slam, she under-estimated me the way I under-estimated her in the first challenge. I love love love Atomic, but there is no doubt that he comes off intimidating. He & Blondie felt he had an advantage...I don't give a f*** who I'm against, because I'm my biggest competition. Atomic & Blondie didn't realize that I'm here to kick a** and chew bubblegum, and I was all out of bubblegum.

BLACK & WHITE! Hell yes! Something I immediately came up with a concept for. It was hard for the more colorful contestants to grasp but I felt stellar about it. I went to the dark corners of my brain, and let those brain cells I have left run free.

I wanted the black and white to feel like dark royalty in the hair. I wanted different textures of harsh and smooth to reflect on each other. I wanted people to feel exposed, heartless, and excited when they saw it. Marie Antoinette inspired me. She had extravagant hair, personality, beauty, she was promiscuous, and executed! What more could you ask for in a gal?

I was happy the judges understood what I was going for in my piece. I didn't overdo or over-think the piece. I was very happy with the end result. I'm glad the judges were down with it. I'm down with their decision ;) annnddddd I finished my piece like 2hrs before everyone else. HA!

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I almost peed myself when I won the Glam Slam. If there was any Glam Slam for me to win, it had to be a photoshoot! I live for photoshoots! I couldn't have been a better day, I executed my model, then took my own life, I gave the big F.U. to everyone who thought I couldn't get it together, and I WON! What whatttt.... There is a method to my madness.

I was kind of bummed that Dimples was eliminated, because she was so goddamn cute. I was mildly obsessed with her. Her make-up was fierce and we could have made out if her piercings didn't scare me. :(

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