J9 on Episode 3: Who Let the Dogs Out

For this week's Check Up from the Neck Up, I immediately didn't think I would be able to finish. I was new to fantasy hair...and now I have to make a handbag. I decided not to go insane on the hair, so I could finish. I focused my time equally on both pieces, and came up with my purplish white, modern, feathered combo!

When I saw that Atomic was inspired by my bird hairpiece, it pissed me off. I felt like he couldn't come up with his own ideas (duh), so he had to use mine. I don't blame him, my bird was fantastic. I wore a yellow canary, but not on my hand. ;) Ladies, jewelry is overrated.

It felt great winning the Check Up and the Swap card because I truly believed my handbag & hairpiece went well together and had style. I felt flattered that the judges felt the same. Now...I am a secret crazy cat lady, without owning any cats haha...but I love cats and definitely prefer them over dogs. Dogs are cool, but they are too much maintenance. It's like having a child...and I do not want a child. So, in conclusion, out of all the dogs, I chose the bulldog. Reason being, bulldogs are usually relaxed, and the other dogs looked a little hyperactive for my liking. So I lucked out by having that Swap card.

I was pissed about the clothing portion of the Glam Slam challenge. I have no concepts, ideas, or any interest in making "hairy" clothes. I had to put my feelings aside and just get it together. I knew I had to keep myself interested, so I had to think of ideas to keep me satisfied. Hahaha I actually didn't have that much strategy in choosing the pairings for the Glam Slam. I put me with H2O because I felt our skillset was equal, there was no drama, and we hadn't gone against each other. I did put GQ, Camouflage, and Atomic against each other so I could start some tension on the other side. Atomic said he wanted me out last week, so I wanted to f**k with his head.

I wanted to think so outside the "dog" challenge by actually going deeper, by creating an abstract piece so that the piece did in fact represent the bulldog, but not so "in your face." I twisted lots of hair for the "wrinkles" on the bulldog. For the overall look, I wanted it to feel like the London Bulldog, very English and abstract. It was a completely different take on the challenge.

When I was named a Hair Do, I was happy of course. It was so crazy because mine was so out there, and H2O's was so literal. It could have been anyone's win, it all depended on opinion. AND I'm happy their opinion was in my benefit. ;)

I was taken aback by Queen B's piece as soon as it hit the runway. I was honestly speechless. She deserved the win. I never knew a human hairy outfit could look like that...

Awww, Camo was a really nice guy! We got along great, and I really enjoyed his company in the house...but what's that saying..."nice guys finish last"...truth.
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