J9 on Episode 4: My Male Model is Prettier Than Yours

I really liked the idea of creating a piece inspired by the model's make-up. When I looked at any of the models, I immediately thought of a hairpiece that would represent it well. I lucked out by getting my favorite model's make-up, the pink one. I thought of cotton candy, ice-cream, or just something sweet when I looked at her. Psyched.

I thought this week’s Glam Slam challenge of creating a drag queen inspired by a TV show was stellar. Being partnered up with Atomic could have gone really good, or could have gone really bad. We both have "extreme" personalities, and putting them together could cause an explosion or a masterpiece. I let him be the director of the process, because if I didn’t we would have ended up fighting the whole time. I think we were paired up together to fail miserably but...we put our sick twisted selves together and it ended up working fabulously. I even ended up really diggin Atomic after.

He might be crazier than me...

I never thought this competition was judged unfairly, although I was super upset to see H2O and GQ go. They are amazing people, and they will go on to do great things.

I like being a Hair Do! I'm glad Atomic and I pulled through and showed the rest of contestants that crazy people can be winners too.
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