J9 on Episode 8: The Final Hairdown

I didn’t really have any idea who was going to win the finale. I thought Nostradamus was really talented and the only one who took the show seriously, but his ego and greed started killing it for me. Bossa Nova was probably the most experienced and advanced as far as fantasy hair goes, but he never listened to the rules and did whatever he wanted. Blondie did really smooth pieces and stood by her work strongly, but went through a lot of drama and negativity through the competition.

I didn't mind being Bossa Nova's assistant because he always helped me out when I needed him. I didn't really want to help someone else try and win 100,000 but hey, sometimes you have to suck it up and share the art.

I can't believe Bossa Nova destroyed his hairpieces. I know he was stressing out because he felt the judges didn't appreciate his artistic views. The criticism was upsetting him because this is HIS ART! I had to explain to him that the judges are judging on the challenges, not just the artistic view. I didn't want his daughter to watch the show and see him give up and regret not doing anything, and just throwing all his hard work away. All those weeks he went through, all for nothing. I told him a true artist doesn't need approval, and does it for himself. The words I live by, "Without an observer, there is no such thing as colour, as it can only exist in the mind. And if the mind is a temple, then colours are its stained glass windows, only to be appreciated from within."

I thought Bossa Nova's idea would have been amazing if they were finished. I think if he had gone all the way, he would have won. He made it out there on the stage, and I'm so proud of him. I think Nostradamus had the cleanest hairpieces. They were all well put together and thought out. I thought Blondie had the most creative concept. It told a story, and it really caught your attention. They all were made by talented stylists.

I think Nostradamus deserved to win. HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO TOOK THE SHOW SO SERIOUSLY. I finally have realized it. All he talked about was the money and how he needed to do better. He was really serious the entire time. He has skills. He had the "aww" factor. It worked out.

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