Mz. H2O on episode 1: The Hair is Back

I was a little upset when I didn't win and became a hair don't. I couldn't wait to meet the other contestants. I was scoping out each of them to see who would be my biggest competition. I was really impressed that Nostradamus had received an NAHA. Bronx came off as if she was all that and a sweet potato pie. J9 seemed like she would be a lot of fun and I was ready to send Atomic home as soon as I met him.

I was excited to start the first “Check Up from the Neck-Up” challenge. I was happy that I chose Serena Williams because I think she is a phenomenal athlete. When I heard the design had to be over 3 feet tall though, I got a little nervous… I hoped I’d be able to pull this off in 2 1/2 hrs.

I think Derek J's criticism was on point for most of the contestants. I was relieved that he wasn't as hard on me as I thought he would be. I kind of felt bad for Blondie because Derek J really ripped her a new one.

I thought the Glam Slam challenge was a perfect way to see who really had the talent and skills to survive in this competition. I chose Will Smith as my celebrity because he is so inspiring. He has a great work ethic, loves his family and is devoted to his wife. Just like Will, I believe that "Greatness truly exists in all of us." One of my favorite quotes from Mr. Smith is “Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something. You have a dream you got to protect it. You want something, go get it. Period.”

I was a little upset when I didn't win and became a hair don't. If the judges could have witnessed the chaotic re-assembling of my piece just moments before I went on stage I think the results would have been different. It was nothing short of a miracle that I was able to take my entire hair piece apart and put it all back together just in time for my model to walk out on stage. I have Camouflage to thank for that. Thanks man, good looking out.

I was really sad when Bronx went home. When she started her piece it looked as if it was going to be really detailed and have a very strong foundation. But I think she put too much thought into it and ran out of time.
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