Mz. H2O on Episode 3: Who Let the Dogs Out

I was really excited about the Check up from the Neck Up challenge this week. I love making unique items out of hair so this challenge was perfect for me. However, because of my injury, time was a big issue for me. Having to wear a splint on my finger made everything more challenging and really interfered with the quality of my work. I had to create a medicine handbag and matching hairstyle. I was happy with the end product and did not agree with Derek J at all. There were lots of hairpieces and handbags in the room that were messy and unfinished. My hairstyle and handbag definitely should not have been labeled one of the worst.

This week’s Glam Slam Challenge was a CHALLENGE! First of all I am terrified of dogs. When the dogs walked into the room I started freaking out in my head. Dogs! Really?! Please don’t tell me I have to style this dog’s hair. Once we got the details of the challenge I was even more discombobulated. In addition to creating a hairstyle inspired by a dog I have to incorporate an item I purchased at the pet store and create an article of clothing! I’m thinking with this broken finger “How am I going to have time to finish all of this?” I’m working 10 times slower than the rest of the stylists. I can’t cut, mold, build, braid or shape things the way I normally do. I was distracted by the excruciating pain in my finger and arm but I didn’t complain. This is a competition so I had to stay focused. My goal was to push through the pain and do my best to complete the challenge.

My hairpiece was inspired by the Golden Retriever I selected. The few things I know about Golden Retrievers are that they are large peaceful dogs; they are great with kids and have a beautiful golden coat. So I decided to create a huge golden dog paw with lots of playful colors. I placed a locket in the shape of a dog bone and a key around my model’s neck representing the love for man’s best friend. In the back of my piece I created a colorful peace sign. The judges were not impressed by my hairpiece or article of clothing. As I expected, I ran out of time on the shirt I created out of hair. I also didn’t get to finish any of the detailing work on my hair piece. Derek J made the comment that my peace sign wasn’t a peace sign at all but looked more like a Mercedes-Benz symbol. That’s probably because I love Mercedes! I’ve owned three and if my peace sign resemble a Benz symbol then I say “Let there be peace on earth and lots of it!”

I was not surprised when I was named a Hair Don’t. This challenge was one of the worst hair pieces I’ve ever created. Working with dogs brought up a lot of fear for me and I subsequently lost focus. Not to mention the awkwardness of working with one less finger. I know the type of extravagant hairpieces I typically produce and I’m happy the judges gave me another opportunity to showcase just how talented I really am.

I thought Queen B’s entire ensemble was awesome. She really went above and beyond on her hairpiece and article of clothing. It looked amazing! I also thought Bossa Nova did an excellent job capturing the essence of his dog as well.

Camouflage and I were in the bottom two. I was relieved when I was saved but sad when Camouflage was sent home. He has such a genuine heart. His enthusiasm and gratitude always made me smile. He will really be missed.
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