Nostradamus on Episode 2: Hands Tied, Camera Ready

As I walked into the salon for this week’s “Check Up from the Neck Up” challenge, I noticed ten hat boxes each wrapped uniquely. The one that stuck out to me was the one wrapped in a rainbow-colored wrapping. Obviously I chose this one because it best fits my personality, bright and cheerful. When I first heard about the ponytail challenge I knew I had to use all the items in the hat box, but had no clue as to how I would execute this. I was so worried about what would be in the box because I didn’t know if I fully understood the challenge. In the box I found a brown, rubber shower mat, a rainbow-colored slinky, and blue hair. I thought to myself what the hell am I going to do?! So when the time started, I grabbed the styrofoam balls and began to wrap blue hair around them to create the foundation of my ponytail. As time went on, I started getting more confident with my creation. After looking at my model I decided to create a space martian look by using this technique. I decided to incorporate more braids using her natural hair color, wrapping the slinky around her entire head using them as if they were space waves. I proceeded to cut the shower mat in strips using those as tentacles. With over half an hour left, I decided to finalize and perfect my creation by pushing in all my bobby pins and making sure there were no blatant or visible flaws.

First off, as I looked around the room, I knew it would be a toss-up between myself and Blondie. When I found out I won I was ecstatic, but at the same time I knew it was well-deserved. I knew I did a damn good job trying to create a fantasy hairstyle in the short amount of time with the items I was given. My space martian inspired creation looked very high fashion and like something you would see on the runway. The creation I made was totally original while Blondie’s piece was duplicated from one of her prior pieces outside of the competition. So her piece was lacking in originality. In my opinion, her items were easier and more ideal to incorporate in a ponytail than mine.


I knew automatically Blondie would pin me and Bossa Nova against each other in the Glam Slam challenge simply because we are her two strongest competitors. If I were her I would have done the same thing too. Not only are we strong, but we’re huge threats to the competition as a whole. So in a nutshell, I was flattered.


I thought this Glam Slam challenge was really cool because it wasn’t all about fantasy hair. The challenge also incorporated high fashion and an avant-garde style. This particular genre is right up my alley because I would love to do this style of hair in the near future.

My inspiration for this Glam Slam piece was to portray a runway model walking the runway shows of Milan, London, or Paris. A girl that looks very high-end, classy, and couture was the overall look I wanted to capture. My dream has always been to work backstage for a high-end fashion line. This is my way to prove to the world that I have what it takes to succeed in that type of environment and so much more.

I chose to give Blondie the “Hand Down” card because not only did she win the previous Glam Slam challenge, but she was also the runner-up for this week’s “Check Up from the Neck Up” challenge. The girl may think I’m two faced, but I gave her a heads up. Let’s be for real though, there’s a 100,000 smackers on the line, so I’m going to play my cards right and do what I feel is best for me in the competition.

I was totally happy to know I was a “Hair-Do” because I know it would be a true battle between Boss Nova and me. However, during the battle, a clump of hair fell out from his creation while our models were duking it out in the ring. After that occurred, I knew I had this in the bag. After winning two Glam Slam challenges in a row, I started to gain a lot more confidence in myself to believe that I am a front runner in this competition.

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When I found out J9 won the Glam Slam I was completely shocked because at this point in the game I’m not crazy over J9’s work. I understand she is an artist and she likes to do a collage of things, but it’s definitely not my style. For me, less is more. The cleaner, the better. I do appreciate her Marie Antoinette inspired look, after all it does describe Marie’s personality and reputation.

I was so distraught over Dimples’ elimination. I think she’s such a wonderful stylist and has a lot to offer. It was not her time to leave the competition. I believe she had way more tricks up her sleeve to showcase. I was really emotional when she got eliminated because we developed a strong connection and we believe in each other’s esthetic and craftsmanship. Regardless what happens to us in the competition, if I ever move to New York I know the first friend I will call.

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