Nostradamus on Episode 5: Off With Their Headpieces

This weeks “Check-up from the Neck Up” challenge was very interesting. I figured creating a fantasy style inspired by a perfect date would be fun since I love going to dinners and getting to know new people. The props I ended up choosing were a Chinese to-go box and an Asian inspired fabric. I chose these two items because I felt like these items were most relatable to my personality. My perfect date would be a fancy dinner, followed by a movie. What happens after that, I'll be sure to keep to myself ;).

The Braids card would be a huge advantage to the winner because they would be able to use it against a strong opponent. Not only are you limited to creating an awesome design, but braids can be extremely heavy. Whoever ends up winning it will have to play the game wisely. I'm hoping to get the card at this point because along with the other competitors, we all knew who we would give it to. ;)

When I found out we had to finish the creation of someone else's work, I was shocked... and honestly, pissed. I was feeling confident in my piece and of course we had to switch. After working on Bossa Nova's design I realized I still had a lot to do. All that was provided were wefts of hair and on top of it was a popcorn box. As I was working I thought it would be clever to create popcorn on the model’s head using the hair that was already provided and spray painting it white. With that said, I barely finished on time. Derek J wasn’t crazy about my design and I ended up being in the bottom two. Here I am again being in the bottom two. I know at this point, I have to step up my game.

First off, who is Marie Antoinette? I've heard of her name a few times in high school but as far as who she was or what she did, I was clueless. All I know is that I had to impress the judges once more to get myself at the top. J9, my opponent, had the Braids Card and I knew I had to draw up a second design if she gave it to me. With that said, I never got the card and instead it was given to Blondie. As of now, I'm ready to show off my modern day Marie Antoinette inspired look. Since Marie was known to be very unbridled, I wanted to do the same with not only my design but along with my models outfit. I did this by incorporating white with blue colors as my theme. I took the shape of my model’s hoop skirt and incorporated it into my hairstyle. My mask was also inspired by the same color scheme and I decided to top it off with some glitter.

Of course when I found out I was a Hair Do, I freaked out! It's my fifth week in a row! I couldn't be happier at this moment because I have worked so hard to get here. So far things are looking good. My focus is on the competition and to stay humble. I'm ready to take on more challenges. What will be in store next week?
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