Nostradamus on Episode 7: Hair Heroes and Hair Zeroes

When walking into the salon, you could tell we were all surprised to see a tree with four apples hanging from the limbs. Each apple was labeled with a fairytale. The only one that I was familiar with was Little Red Riding Hood. I wasn’t too familiar with the others…apparently I didn’t read much when I was a child. However, I thought the challenge was clever. Trying to convey Good vs. Evil in your hair piece could be very difficult but at the same time, I love a good challenge.

I got really lucky when the one apple that was left hanging on the tree for me to choose was Little Red Riding Hood. The first idea that came to mind was to create a picnic basket on top of my model’s head. I was going to create this for the foundation of my entire piece. To represent the Good in my piece, I incorporated flowers and an axe that would represent the hunter who saved Little Red Riding Hood. As for the Evil, I created an evil tree that resembles the dark forest she wandered in. When I stepped back to look at my piece I knew I was missing the color red, the most important detail! Last minute, I grabbed the apples that were used for the set. The whole time I knew I only had an hour and 50 minutes to complete my style. Out of all Check-ups, this was the one to show the judges my best work. Every minute counts.

After Derek J announced my win for the Check-up, I received the “Hour Glass” card. Having the “Hour Glass” card is a huge advantage. Not only do I gain an hour for the glam slam challenge but I can also take an hour away from any opponent. Since we were so close to the finale I knew I had to use it on someone that I felt was my strongest competitor--Bossa Nova. After discussing our designs between the other stylists, I felt that Bossa Nova had the most intricate sketch. It was well thought out and if executed properly, could very well win the Glam Slam. I could tell Bossa Nova was very focused and he was ready to win. I felt confident in beating J9 and Blondie, and they had already been handed many cards for previous Glam Slams. Giving it to one of them would be mean and just wrong. It has been a long road into this competition; I needed to do what was right.

I thought that this week’s Glam Slam challenge was super cool. Not only a hair piece but a costume out of hair! I’ve always wanted to do this type of challenge. Since I won the Check up I had the choice to create either a villain or super hero. Since I’m usually a positive person, I chose to do a superhero. I wanted to switch Blondie and Bossa Nova’s characters around so instead of Bossa Nova being all about love and happiness, I thought it would be interesting to see his evil side.

The superhero I had envisioned was inspired by the equality symbol that was put out by the Human Rights Campaign. Being openly gay, I felt the need to send a message to the world. It’s important to me that we educate the public about LGBT issues. My heart goes to out to all the kids who are being bullied and anyone who’s discriminated against. My character, Equaliza, is to freeze and put a stop to all the jerks out there who are bullying.

Overall, I felt like my piece was cohesive and it portrayed exactly what I was going for. I stuck with the colors of blue, yellow and white and created my model’s entire outfit out of hair. Like my previous hairstyles, I utilized a lot of spray painting to create shadow and fading effects. I understand Taylor’s remarks about the costume looking a bit sloppy. You can only get so much done in a certain amount of time granted and luckily I had an extra hour. I did the best I could! I beat J9 and was able to stay off the chopping block. At this point, I couldn’t be happier knowing that I’m set to compete in the finale as one of the final three!!

With that being said, giving Bossa Nova the “Hour glass” card offered no advantage for me. Luckily, there is only one challenge left and I’m hoping there are no more cards to give out. Bossa Nova totally deserved to win the Glam Slam. His look was not only cohesive, but very well put together. This just proves how strong of a competitor he is. With one hour less than everyone else, he still manages to win. At this point all of our game faces are on. No more drama, no more joking. Time to pull out all of our best tricks for the finale. Who knows what’s to come our way. Needless to say, Blondie, Bossa Nova and I are ready to battle.
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