Queen B episode 2: Hands Tied, Camera Ready

Another fabulous week of Hair Battle Spectacular! This week’s Check Up from the Neck Up challenge was pretty unique. I love that we got to choose hat boxes with pretty patterns on them. It was even better that they were filled with fabulous goodies to spark our creativity! My hat box was full of pink hair, fuzzy pink fabric, pink bedazzle jewels, and some beads. I immediately thought pretty princess. I wanted to incorporate my model’s hair into this youthful princess design, but also keep the skill level up there. I didn't get to finish my ponytail as I would have liked, but it still looked pretty. I didn't expect to win the Check Up from the Neck Up, but I know it wasn't the worst in the room.

When Blondie choose me to battle her for the Glam Slam, I felt confident. I think she wanted to challenge me, because she thought we were cut from the same cloth. Her first piece was a failure and the second piece sat on the shoulders. When I see her build something off the head, maybe I'll feel the challenge. I LOVE that the Glam Slam challenge was to create a piece that is just Black and White. I enjoy contrast and playing the colors off one another. I immediately thought of the game of Checkers. The board is a contrast of black and white. It was time to weave! My piece was strong and intricate and dramatic. When they named me a Hair-Do again for the second week, I was thrilled! I put on a great performance and they 'Queen'd Me, Queen B!' :)

PHOTOS: See all the photos from this episode here.

I think J9's piece was very unique and her presentation was amazing! She definitely deserved a win! The judges sent Dimples home. I was definitely disappointed to see her go. Her work was so neat and detailed, but this challenge I don't know what changed. I was going to miss her. XoXo B

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