Queen B on Episode 3: Who Let the Dogs Out

I'm so happy to still be here! This competition is steep but the other contestants are amazing. I think I've been performing pretty well so far and I love that I've been a consistent Hair Do! I didn't let that get to my head though. This is a competition and I can slip up at any moment. I have been keeping pretty quiet, and a bit to myself. Don't want to show everyone what I'm made of. Not yet at least!

This week’s Check-up from the Neck-up was a bit of a challenge. We have to make not one, but two pieces in 2 hours that are inspired by an accessory. I choose the braided vest because I thought it had a lot of texture and patterns I could incorporate into my hairstyle. The handbag I received was the tote. My plan is to incorporate the woven texture of the vest into the hair and the handles of the handbag. I was so worried about time! Two hours is not a lot of time for two pieces. And of course, I didn't get to finish my handbag. Boo :(

For the Glam Slam, I LOVED the challenge. First of all, it incorporates dogs! I love them. I have four fur kids myself; Kohl, Fiona, Dodge, and Rosso. To be able to design a piece around a dog is right up my alley. I choose the Labradoodle because the size and texture of their coat is amazing. I also decided to go big or go home so I'm making a dress. Yes, a full DRESS out of hair! Beat that! I bought purple accessories and a few bones to add to my golden hair style. I definitely think it’s a perfect collaboration to win!

As the battles were beginning I was feeling more and more confident about my look. I mean, I created a huge piece and a dress! I just hope the judges feel the same. Looking at Bossa Nova's piece, I knew this was a stiff battle. The judges loved both our pieces but they said my dress was remarkable! So Queen B was named a Hair-Do for the third week in a row! Now that feels amazing! And then, to top it all off, I won the Glam Slam! They gave me Best in Show! Now I'm sure the competition can see what I'm made of.

As for my buddy Camouflage, I'm going to miss his positive energy. He was an awesome contestant and I loved that he choose that little Yorkie! So cute! He will be missed. XoXo Queen B

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