Queen B on Episode 4: My Male Model is Prettier Than Yours

Hello Hair lovers! I've decided to launch a new clothing line created out of hair. It's inspired by my fabulous dog dress from the last challenge. Want one?

This week’s Check Up from the Neck Up is right up my alley! Not only am I a hairstylist, but I'm also a makeup artist. When I saw the models walk in with those incredible fantasy makeup looks I was thrilled! First of all, I wish I knew how to do makeup like that! It was beautiful! Second, it was truly inspirational! My mind was going crazy with ideas. I came up with a concept for each face. My favorite face was the one I chose with the sequins. The first thing that came to mind was a belly dancer. I was channeling India, gorgeous fabrics, smooth dark hair, and GOLD! I decided to create a wrapped style that mimics a belly dancers bun, and I created a gold "ribbon" to tie in the fabric and feeling of the makeup. I think it looked ok and Derek J did too!

Don't be a DRAG just be a QUEEN!! This week’s Glam Slam Challenge is A-Mazing! First off, we get to work in teams! Second, we get to create drag queens!!! Third, we get to go see a drag show. It doesn't get any better than this! There's only one problem, I don't know anything about the show Mad Men. Some of the other shows are so easy, but I guess a challenge is always nice! I was teamed up with Nostradamus! Love him!! I feel like he and I are two very strong competitors and it was nice to work together before we would have to battle each other. The hard fact about this Glam Slam elimination is that two people will be going home. Wow! I don't like the idea of that at all. I knew that Nostradamus and I would be able to pull off a fabulous drag queen, but we need an extra edge to make sure we weren't in the bottom. So we decided to switch roles! I think I definitely got the easier side of our gender switch! Flats, pants, bow-tie, and glasses! Nostradamus got to wear a dress, pastie boobs, and high heels!! As a part of our time I had to create a wig for him too! He makes one hot b*tch!! I think when it came to the final look for our queen we both put in a great effort and pooled our strengths together to win!

Our performance was off the hook! First thing is that our queen could barely walk in his high heels. He swung his sweater and hit his hair piece. He fell off the stage! And then to top it off Nostradamus shablam'd!!! We had so much fun and the judges did too! I think their criticism was fair. The piece did look like mine from last week because of the blonde color, but our model had beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. It pulled the whole look together. So if I made it brown would it have looked as good? Either way we rocked it! HAIR-DO four weeks in a row!! Nostradamus and I stay undefeated! When they named him the Glam Slam winner I was really happy for him! We worked together and as long as either one of us won, that was good news!

For the elimination I wanted to cry. They sent home two of our most positive and fun people in the house. I love GQ and his party rock behavior! He always had something sweet to say to me in the morning. And Mz. H2O is such a beautiful person on the inside and out. They will be missed. :(

I'm so looking forward to this upcoming week! And to the future, there's so many shows and shoots that I'm ready to work on. This experience has been motivating and inspirational. Time to bring out some more Queen B in week 5!!

Xo Queen B
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