Queen B on Episode 5: Off With Their Headpieces

Well last week was a DRAG! Just kidding! I loved our piece, even if they said it was a repeat. Nostradamus took one for the team by dressing in drag himself and dropping to the floor! He deserved the win!

Walking into the salon this week, I felt optimistic about our next challenge. The better I'm doing the more confident I feel. Confident, not cocky. At the front of the salon there was a shelf decorated to the max! There was stuff hanging from the ceiling, flowers, new containers, etc. It looked like one big party up there! I couldn't wait to see what the challenge was. The fabulous Eva and Derek walk in, dressed like it's a fashion show. Our Check Up for the Neck Up challenge was to create our dream date from a few of the items off the party shelf up front. My dream date involves a yacht, a diamond, and some expensive champagne! Just saying!

So I pick some of the pieces from the front display; a picnic table fabric, Chinese takeout containers, and a few empty wine glasses. I started my foundation for my piece. I wanted to create a picnic under the starry night sky. I had a very creative idea and almost all of the work was done. Model’s hair was prepped, foundation was ready, and then Derek walked in. He said, 'Stylists stop what you're doing!' I froze, like what the hell do we have to do now!?!? I was on a roll! Derek said that we have to switch and work on the piece to our right. WHAT!!! I'm looking to my right and it's Atomic's piece, and he hasn't done anything yet! I have to start from scratch. Pissed. J9 got my piece that I already set up and babygirl is saying how well it was set up for her. She's got the rest of the time to play and I guarantee she's going to win. That was my first shot at a Check Up from the Neck Up win and it was ruined.

So I move over to this blank canvas, aggravated as ever, but it's a competition so I need to put on my game face and get to work. His props were some roses, a teddy bear, and wine glasses. The only date I can think of involving all of these props is a date in BED! Well I started doing what I do best, braid and think! (I know whoever wins would not be stupid enough to give me the braids card because I braid for fun! Lol) I don't have time to build a new foundation and his model’s hair is in a ponytail in the back with some weave wrapped around it. Think, Think, THINK! I wrapped and weaved and braided and created a silly date story to go along with it. Derek J luckily saw what I had to go through and said the piece was nice, just not very fantasy. I agree. And as predicted, J9 won the Check Up from the Neck Up with my foundation. Her concept was so cute though and very original. Good job girl!

So this week’s Glam Slam Challenge is to create a modern day Marie Antoinette hairstyle accompanied by a masquerade mask! I'm excited! What I love about Marie Antoinette is that she was the ground-breaker of her time. Everything she did was controversial and on the edge of fashion. I think this challenge is going to be cake!

After doing a little research into Marie, the thing that stood out to me the most was that she wore a naval vessel in her hair at one point, the 'belle poule', and she always wore dresses that were so large they overpowered her male counterpart. That was unheard of! I decided I was going to create a ship and place it on top of an intricate hairstyle while keeping the shape very modern. I'm excited because the guest judge for this challenge is Nicki Minaj's hairstylist Terrence Davidson. He is an artist that I look up to and his work with Nicki's hair is amazing! I definitely want to impress him! I get to work on my piece, sculpting and braiding. I am definitely creating something that is unique and very true to Marie Antoinette, but is still modern. And it looks nothing like that blonde curly style.

So it's time for J9 to hand out the Braids card, and most of us already know where it's going. The house isn't happy that Blondie is still in the competition. I guess we all have kind of ganged up on her. She has a strong spirit though, I think it's what's keeping her here. Staying in the competition with this much controversy and no one on your side has to be tough. Yet, she still gets the Braids card. I'm pretty sure she knew it was coming. What none of knew was coming was the fight between Atomic and Blondie! I think that Atomic was pushing her buttons, and pushing her buttons, but it was just words. We are all adults here, so act accordingly. I think throwing a hairspray can at someone and then punching them in the face is classless and inappropriate. Doesn't matter what was said. Grow up.

For this Glam Slam I'm up against Bossa Nova. I was watching him create a very intricate weave pattern for his piece. I love it! I'm just worried he won't have enough time to finish. So it's BATTLE time! My pearls are ready and so are my models! I wish you could have seen the judges’ faces! I love getting reactions out of people, especially hard critics. I almost died at Terrence's reaction. He said, 'I work with the Queen of Hip Hop everyday (Nicki Minaj), but today I need to acknowledge another Queen.' Then he got up out of his seat and bowed. WHAT!!!! I was floored! What an amazing compliment! 'Queen B you are a HAIR-DO!' 5 weeks in a row!

It feels amazing to be this far into the competition and to still be on the right side! When it came time to choose a winner for the Glam Slam I felt pretty confident. I knew that it was between myself and Nostradamus. Both of our pieces were intricate and true to Marie Antoinette. When they named me the Winner of the Glam Slam I was so excited! Every week I try to push myself a little more and show the judges different parts of my skill level. My secret toolbox!

I was upset to see Atomic leave the competition. He was fun to be around, even though he pushes buttons. I think the way that altercation played out was very unfair, but when it comes down to the hair, Blondie's piece was much neater and she deserved to be a hair-do. Atomic will be missed.

Xo Queen B

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