Queen B on Episode 6: Im a Beautician, Not a Magician

Long Live the Queen! Winning last week had me on cloud nine, but the dynamic in the house was driving me insane. When the drama starts, it’s almost impossible to stay drama-free when you're all living in the same house, sharing bedrooms. It was getting to me, and you could see it in my work.

This week’s Check Up from the Neck Up was so creative. They dressed the models up like mythical characters and we had to create a hairstyle to show the environment they live in. We also had to create a prop that we could incorporate into the story. I choose the mermaid because her overall look was beautiful. My mindset was to create some coral, bubbles, and a seashell. When I started tackling the piece, it just wasn't working for me. I was struggling to keep it neat and the foundation wasn't working. UGH!!

All of a sudden Derek J came in and told us that someone would be eliminated from this Check Up challenge. What?! Since when did they do that?! I think he felt that we didn't take these seriously. I was worried to see someone going home from this surprise. When he came around to evaluate our pieces, he said he really liked mine. Umm, are we looking at the same piece?! I wasn't happy with it at all. I think it was sloppy and unfinished, but OK. When the top two and bottom two were lined up, you could cut the tension with a knife. But, when Derek J didn’t eliminate someone like we thought he would, we were all relieved. I think Nostradamus's piece was right on and he executed it well. He deserved the IMMUNITY. That's a big reward at this point in the competition.

For the Glam Slam, our challenge was a shocker! So we know you're fabulous stylists, but that's not enough. We want you to do magic tricks with hair! Sure. (In my sarcastic voice.) So I choose the color changing silks, a mistake. I wasn't really thinking about the overall challenge. I have to make my hair piece change colors. True magic trick! Ugh.

When I was sketching my look for this Glam Slam I felt pretty confident. The costume was perfect and the concept I think was different from everyone else's. I love BIG hair. I'm from Jersey. So yes, I was going to use some curly, teased hair. It's practical because it's light and covers surface space. When Derek looked at my sketch he asked me about the curly hair, but agreed with my reasoning. The trick was the part I had to worry about. I started creating the braids and I was going to layer one on top of the other. The problem with that was my piece was so large that the braids were too heavy. So I had to do them smaller (less obvious) and it was hard to create a way for them to change easily. I literally had to take them off. Wack. Needless to say I was scared to death about pulling off my trick in front of the judges.

For this challenge I had to pair the battle opponents. My final pairings weren't decided until after the Check Up from the Neck Up because I needed to see who would win immunity. Every person in the house was a part of my decision-making process. Needless to say, everyone wanted one person out and it was up to either myself or Nostradamus to put them in the bottom. The second I let my focus change from just doing my hair to the house drama is when my game slipped up. Attitude is everything.

When they named Nostradamus the winner I was truly happy for him! He did a great job and the best performance. I was sad on the Hair-don't side because I knew it was either myself or Bossa Nova going home. I would miss him if he left, but I also would have been ok if I was eliminated. This is a competition at the end of the day.

'Queen B, you have lost the battle. You've been eliminated.'

When it was decided I was a Hair-don't I was a little upset, but I kinda knew it was coming. I can win humbly and lose gracefully. To me it’s about professionalism and class. I was fine. I wasn't going to cry, I probably could have held it together if Bossa Nova didn't give me his heart and a hug. I think I will miss the other competitors way more than the money. For me this competition was not about the $100,000. It was about pushing myself and growing. I want to learn new things and meet new people. I think sharing talent and giving back are the most important; and that is what I'll continue to do with my career. Believe...Bethany 'Queen B' Bell is not going anywhere. You will see me again!

Thank you for the opportunity and Good Luck to ALL of the remaining contestants!
Xo Queen B

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