5 Horror Movies That Bring On The Holiday Cheer

Still not over Halloween but you want to celebrate the holidays? Just merge the two! There are plenty of scary holiday movies to get you in the mood to wrap presents AND be spooked. And don't forget to tune into the next season of Homicide For The Holidays, Saturday, November 25 at 6/5c on Oxygen.



1. Black Christmas, 1974

Believed to be one of the very first slasher films and the inspiration behind Halloween, this horror cult-classic follows a group of sorority sisters who are stalked and murdered by a murderer hiding in their attic. To make things even scarier, the premise is based on an urban legend combined with true crime: a string of killings that happened in Montreal. A remake with the same name was made in 2006.

2. Silent Night, Deadly Night, 1984

Silent Night, Deadly Night features your standard holiday film plot: a man has a psychotic break and goes on a killing spree while dressed as Santa Claus. The film received protest and criticism from the public. Actor Mickey Rooney wrote a letter of protest against it, calling the filmmakers behind it "scum" who tarnished the sacredness of Christmas. But, he did go on to star in the film’s fifth sequel. In all, there are six sequels in this gory franchise.

3. Christmas Evil, 1980

In this film, a toy factory worker becomes traumatized as a child when he finds out Santa isn’t real. Then, after suffering some sort of nervous breakdown as an adult he goes on a killing spree dressed as Santa. John Waters has called the movie “the greatest Christmas movie ever made.”

4. Jack Frost, 1997

What happens when a vehicle carrying a serial killer collides with a genetics truck? The genetic material and the killer meld, along with the snow on the ground to form a homicidal snowman. Obviously! This slasher became a cult classic for its cheesy death scenes.

5. Gremlins, 1982

A cute Christmas gift leads to chaos in this film’s small town. Gremlins run amok, attacking people from Christmas trees and while dressed up as Santa. One of the main characters of the film reveals that she always hated Christmas after her dad died by breaking his neck while climbing down the family's chimney to pose as Santa. This family friendly horror was originally intended to be much darker. The original screenplay featured gremlins eating the protagonist's dog before decapitating his mother.


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