5 Times Black Fridays Turned Violent

Shopping for deals often ends in bruises. 

Just hours after giving thanks for what we do have, some of us will fight with our neighbors to save dollars on products we don’t need. Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, has long been devoted to holiday promotions. Over the years, several lives have been lost over such deals. Here are some of the most notable incidents.

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1. Trampling at Walmart

In 2013, a temporary Walmart worker from Valley Stream, New York was crushed to death by a mob of Black Friday shoppers. Jdimytai Damour, 34, was working as a security guard when he was trampled to death, according to the New York Daily News. The shoppers were excited about a promotion on flat-screen televisions. During that stampede, four others were injured, including an eight-month pregnant woman. As a result of her injuries, she suffered a miscarriage.

2. Pepper spray at Walmart

A woman allegedly used pepper spray on a Black Friday crowd at a Los Angeles Walmart in 2011. It was all for an Xbox. The 32-year-old woman was accused of injuring 20 other shoppers during the incident. She was never charged because of lack of evidence. The woman claimed self-defense, accusing the other shoppers of attacking her children for the video game system in question.

3. Stabbing at Best Buy

A U.S. Marine reservist was stabbed in the back as he tried to stop a thief from stealing a laptop from an Augusta, Georgia Best Buy in 2010. The Marine was one of four working a Toys for Tots charity bin at the store on Black Friday. He survived the attack.

4. Shot over a TV

A 64-year-old man from Queens, New York was shot over his new flat-screen television he purchased on Black Friday, 2009. Three robbers shot him in the stomach, according to the New York Daily News. The trio took his television but they were unable to fit it in their car. They fled without the television. The victim survived the shooting.


5. Man whips other shoppers with belt

A shirtless man in Vancouver, Canada began whipping other shoppers with his belt after a Black Friday event turned violent. People had begun fighting over rare athletic shoes that were on sale.

"He was running around with his belt, swinging it at people, and then out of nowhere, some guy came behind and just started choking him," a teen who witnessed the event told the media.

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