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Death In Santa Claus

S3/EP4 |
Aired: 12/28/2019
After a family is found massacred inside their Santa Claus, Georgia home, the hunt for their killer hinges on the eyewitness testimony of the three young surviving daughters. 43:54

Christmas Heartbreak

S3/EP3 |
Aired: 12/21/2019
A couple is found murdered inside their home on Christmas morning. All that's left behind is a single palm print. Investigators work tirelessly to match the print to a suspect, until a letter from prison takes the case on an unexpected course. 43:54

Last Christmas

S3/EP2 |
Aired: 12/14/2019
Just after Christmas, a young couple is found murdered inside their Florida home. Neighbors can't imagine the couple had been in the area long enough to make a mortal enemy. Police uncover deeply personal details, and soon expose a deadly secret. 43:54

Thanksgiving Terror

S3/EP1 |
Aired: 12/07/2019
A mother is brutally shot to death while driving her sons home from a Thanksgiving celebration. When the hunt for her killer leads to an unlikely suspect, investigators soon realize her murder is not as random as it once seemed. 43:54

Bloody New Years

S2/EP8 |
Aired: 12/23/2018
Just before New Years, a hockey mom is gunned down at her front door. Later that night, seven more bodies are found in another suburban home. Police discover a shocking connection between the two crimes as they track down the killer. 43:54

Silent Night, Lethal Night

S2/EP7 |
Aired: 12/16/2018
When a mother and her two daughters fail to show up for Christmas dinner, officers enter their home and discover all three have been shot to death. The search for their killer reveals an unthinkable family nightmare. 43:21

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Lisa Guy's Friend Describes Learning of Her Death
Homicide for the Holidays

Lisa Guy's Friend Describes Learning of Her Death

S4/EP1 Laurie Jones, Lisa Guy's best friend, describes the day she learned that her friend had been murdered. She finds solace in knowing that Lisa is "at peace" with her husband.