Amoy on episode 1: Big Egos

I was a little disappointed with some of the stylists. My mother’s hair was always done and I always went with her to the salon, starting at age 8. I saw the joy in her face and in the other clients’ faces. I wanted to be able to make people happy like that. I went to cosmetology school, got my license, and the rest is history!

Stylist Crystal Streets introduced me to Brandi. I was busy doing shows in Paris and Milan, booking my own jobs. Brandi made my life so much easier.


In the industry, I am known for my extensions. Whenever an agency needs a model to completely change her look, they are confident that the model will leave my salon looking better than when they came in, and their hair will not fall out 2 weeks later! I also take pride in my focus on scalp care. Every client gets a treatment with her shampoo, and I use only the best products for my clients. Educating my clients on proper hair care is part of my routine as well: black women, wash your hair more than twice a month!


To choose the staff for the salon was not easy. I did a lot of interviews and chose the best, qualified stylists. They had to bring in a model for me to see their work, and I wanted to see how they interacted with clients. The stylists I chose did well, and I thought they were the best fit to work at Amoy Couture Hair.

After the Erin Brinie show, I was a little disappointed with some of the stylists. Some of them had a hard time doing the simple hairstyle for the show. They were not able to work fast and do a good job with the hairstyles under pressure like they had said they could. I pretty much had to go over every model myself to make sure the hairstyles were done the right way.


After the show, I did some new training with the stylists to show them how to do braids and extensions the proper way and to be more versatile with their styling. Some of them got it and some didn't. At that point, I knew I had to go out and find new stylists that would fit for my salon.

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