Amoy on Episode 6: Celebrity Sample Sale

I needed my staff to be proficient in every aspect of hair care.Honestly, I have no idea why my staff had no clients when the salon first opened. When I hired them, they all told me they had clients, and I was disappointed to find out that they didn't. I have been building my book for 15 years, and my clients have followed me throughout that time. Where were their clients? There is no excuse, in my opinion.

My meeting with Brandi affirmed what I had already known. I have to hold my staff accountable for their actions.

I needed to teach my staff the tricks of the trade because I wanted them to be as successful as myself. I am not in this game alone; we are a team. If every one of them does well, we all do well. That is my mindset. In order to get my staff up to speed, I taught them how to give great customer service. I wanted to make sure each and every client is treated the same, with the same level of care. I also wanted to teach my staff the value of a clean and professional workspace. Moreover, I wanted them to leave the drama at home. One of the drawbacks of being a black-owned salon is that people think we only do black hair. But we do all types of hair. I needed my staff to be proficient in every aspect of hair care.

My standards of a successful salon include, as mentioned previously, great customer service. Also, cleanliness is so important as well as being able to provide clients with whatever they need. We offer wine, coffee, pay parking meters, and order food. Whatever they need. You also need to have great management. I am so blessed because I have an amazing salon manager in Jared, and he allows me to remain creative without worrying about the small things. But, I remain fully involved in every aspect of my business, from hiring to training to, if necessary, firing. And every successful salon has a no-drama policy. If we all enjoy working together, then we all succeed together.

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