Atiba on episode 1: Big Egos

Who would have ever thought that being shallow would pay my rent?When I found out I could get paid for shopping for someone, I was quickly sold on styling. When I was in junior high I heard about a job called a "buyer" and I wanted to pursue that, until I found out you needed to be good with math. Lol, but styling just came really easy to me because I change up my style so much that there wasn't a personality or style that I couldn't work with. Also I think I have really good taste and styling is about knowing when to add and subtract. I have a slight case of OCD so I was always a perfectionist when it came to appearances. Who would have ever thought being shallow would pay my rent? Go figure! Lol

I met Brandi years ago when I first became a key stylist. We discussed my joining the agency but most of my competition was with the B. Lynn group, so I decided to try it out on my own. But years later, after a bad break-up with my previous agent, I was working with Charles Suitt and he suggested I try meeting Brandi again. After one short 15 minute phone call with her, I was a part of the B. Lynn group. It was an easy transition since, I knew everyone there except for Amoy. And she only had Crystal styling women so it was a no-brainer.

My goals for House Of Glam is for people to see what we really go through on a daily basis: the deadlines, the budgets, the awkward situations we're put in between label and artist. I just want people to know that it takes a lot more than carrying a man bag or knowing how to pronounce designers name that you saw in WWD to be a stylist.

What makes me unique from other stylists is that not only do I style men and women, I can do pop, R&B, rocker, commercial. I switch my style up a lot so I can go down just about any avenue. And I don't believe in following trends. Don't get me wrong, I like to know what's considered hot but I don't let it dictate my style.

You will definitely see me frustrated this season! I mean I do turn over tables or break s*** but you'll see me ready to work and take my career to the next level. It's either piss or get the hell off the pot!


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