Atiba on episode 2: In Over Their Heads

I like styling new artists because it’s a clean slate. You can create their image from scratch, like a painter with a blank canvas, not to mention that they’re less drama LOL. Once they see my resume, they usually let me do whatever I want, unlike big clients who don’t usually know what they want until they see it.

It was hard styling Carmen because I had no budget! But her having a nice shape and being sample size helped out a lot. If she wasn’t sample size, there was no way I was going to be able to pull that job off without making the clothes myself, and I don’t sew. Nor do I do windows. LOL

I don’t consider anyone “smalltime.” We all have to start out somewhere but when I realized that she was still unsigned, I was a lil pissed. No label, no budget! I haven’t styled an unsigned artist in over a decade, but Brandi thought it would be a good move for us so I did it. Is it a problem to want to work? And to want to get paid? If so, call me Mr. Problem.

I wasn’t happy about the fact that I had to style a “no budget” client at all, but Brandi felt like it was a good idea, so I did it. You have to trust your agent. So I called in favors and got access to a showroom. Relationships are key in our business. Showroom connects are priceless. Sometimes you may not get your wardrobe budget in time but you may have a fitting the next day. Showrooms have saved me more times than I can count.


Carmen’s manager giving his opinion on the looks was funny to me but I’m used to it by now. Everyone has an opinion and that’s fine, but when you don’t have a sense of style, your opinion goes in one ear and comes out the other at light speed! So basically he was speaking Spanish to me and the only language I speak besides English is pig latin. LOL

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