Atiba on episode 3: Outsized

Hopefully this job could be the opportunity for that transition. I told Brandi that I felt like I was in a valley, because there's nothing deep in a valley. It’s dead, desolate, and empty. Thank god I stack my paper or I would have been on unemployment. Yes, a stylist can get unemployment too!

When I had lunch with Sekou, I was just telling a friend who has known me and watched my career for years how I felt about the lackluster gigs I was being given. That's what you do when you sit with your friends. You vent or you share good news. I had no good news...except the fact that I was paying for lunch.

If Crystal found out I was going for the JoJo job, I'm sure she'd probably feel like I was taking money out of her pocket, but that's just the way the game goes. I'm sure she'd rather someone in the agency get the job than some other stylist. Crystal has been doing this for a long time, so she's a lot more professional than people think.

JoJo is not just a singer. She is also an actress. I'm trying to do more TV and film, and hopefully this job could be the opportunity for that transition. I'm getting bored with the hip-hop s***! If I see another pair of leggings or another pair of big gold hoops, I'm gonna f***ing lose it!

Also, check out Atiba's critique of the black carpet looks at the BET Hip-Hop awards.

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