Atiba on episode 4: La La Land

I went to Brandi after I heard from a friend that JoJo was working on a new project. Soon after, Brandi then reached out to Jo Jo's people. I was pissed when I found out that I was styling just one look for JoJo because that one look wasn't enough for me to show what I could do, and the budget was crazy small! I wasn't suprised when I had to run out to find accessories for JoJo’s look. That's what fittings are for, to find out what's missing from a look so you can perfect it. I wasn't sure how JoJo and her manager felt about my presentation book, but hopefully when they shoot her next video, I'll be on their list of stylists.

I panicked when I got to LA and realized that I forgot all my denim because without my denim, all my outfits are thrown off! Lol I had all my looks set up and without the denim, they were incomplete.

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