Atiba on episode 5: Atiba's Dilemma

I agree that it is a waiting game but I don't feel I need any practice. I've been doing this for way too long and no disrespect to JoJo but I've worked with bigger artists than her. I just think she has great star quality and I love her as both a singer and an actress. I just want to work with STARS or stars in the making. I could have easily asked for Blake Lively or Megan Fox, but I like JoJo so she was at the top of my hit list.

When I hear that JoJo actually shot her cd cover or video, I'll let you know. Don't count me out just yet! Even if I don't do the 1st video or shoot, I could do the 2nd. It’s not over til it’s OVER!

Honestly Fashion Week was a blur because I got so wasted at the open bar waiting to see all the shows. I do remember bumping into my boy model Wendell Lissimore and his girlfriend supermodel Sessilee Lopez backstage while she got ready for the show. I also saw my friend model/actress Stacey McKenzie who I hadn't seen in a while, so that was fun.

See what Atiba has to say about stars on the black carpet here.
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