Brandi on episode 3: Outsized

I love talking shop with Kelly Cutrone. She truly understands how it is to run an agency and my point of view. Very seldom do I run into people who get me on every aspect of my life. She is a great businesswoman and a mother, so I feel so in tune with her. Her advice about branding myself is very true. It’s something I never do, but need to begin.

I definitely feel the most pressure within the industry. I have the pressure from our celeb clients as well as from my stylists. I have to find a way to strategically please them all. I have to know how to get the stylists’ top dollar without overbidding and offending the clients. It is a tough job and I end up wearing many hats and many times being the overall bad guy, but I have gotten used to it.

To a certain extent, the “sophisticated dinner party” at home was how had envisioned it. It was relaxing, mature, and kid-free. I wasn’t expecting to get so deep into the married vs. single conversation. I think the wine helped that along [smile], but it was an opportunity to air out a few feelings that are usually not spoken and to speak freely amongst people who we love and care for. Marriage vs. single is an argument that has been argued about for centuries.

When Charles left the room to chat in the kitchen with the rest of the men, I felt relieved. I didn’t want to hear their foolishness any more [smile]. They can be a bit obnoxious at times. All in good fun and I’m a good sport, but sometimes you just want them to go talk foolishness amongst themselves. All that hot air was beginning to welt my beautiful flower arrangements!

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