Crystal on episode 1: Big Egos

From the moment I stepped foot on set, I knew this was my destiny, my career, my life, and my passion.While studying a Film and TV Production course at Clark Atlanta University, I discovered the job of a wardrobe stylist/costume designer. I always loved fashion but never thought I could make the kind of $$$ I wanted to make in that field. I originally wanted to be a video editor, which is still one of my passions. From there, I began to persistently call stylists in a production 411 book one of my professors gave me. Finally someone responded and they referred me to a stylist by the name of Derek Khan. At the time, he was styling Escape and Monica, so he frequently came to Atlanta where I was attending school. He hired me for my first internship on Monica's “The Boy is Mine” album cover photo shoot. From the moment I stepped foot on set, I knew this was my destiny, my career, my life, and my passion.

I moved to NY immediately after I graduated CAU to pursue styling. After assisting for about two years, I began to get booked on my own jobs as a key stylist. My career took off very fast and therefore the influx of jobs became very overwhelming for me to handle on my own. I couldn’t handle playing the role as both agent and stylist. I just wanted to stick to the creative side of the business. I convinced my best friend Brandi Simpkins to leave her corporate marketing job and come to represent me as my agent. We started The B. Lynn Group shortly after and I was the first client on our roster. From there it was history...

My main hopes and goals for House of Glam is to give our viewers an inside look on the behind-the-scenes of our world. It’s not as glamorous as one would think, and we work very hard. I would like to also inspire young women that they can do it all. As a single mother, I realize how hard it is to juggle family and career, but anything is possible. The B. Lynn Group is evidence of that...


In my ten years of styling I have definitely evolved and created my own niche. My style is very timeless, classic and polished. My goal is to always help my client achieve their fullest potential in their own personal style. I always tell my clients, "you should be able to look at your pictures 10 yrs from now and not say, what the hell was I wearing?" It should be timeless. My goal is to always please my client and make sure they are comfortable with what they are wearing. Nothing is ever forced. I tell them, "I can bring you the clothes, but YOU have to own the look."


This season you can expect Crystal the stylist who has a completely different perspective on my career and life than I ever have...As a new mother, my priorities have definitely changed. I’m realizing what used to be fulfilling for me no longer is...I’m trying to figure out what works for me now and work on projects that truly inspire me. I have invested 10 years in my career and I now have to work smarter, not harder. It’s time to reap the rewards for all the hard work.

Check out some of Crystal's personal pics here.

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