Crystal on episode 3: Outsized

Brandi and I often bump heads regarding my career, so I wasn't surprised at her opinion on the outcome of the test shoot. She has a great business mind and always sees things from a more business perspective. Although I respect her opinion and honesty, I still feel the test shoot was a success creatively. I'm very happy with the images!

Jermaine Dupri is my most loyal client! So whenever he calls, I come. His costume parties are legendary in Atlanta so I was excited about creating his costume. The "Catch Me If You Can" inspired costumes were so cool and unique!

The wrong suit size situation made me realize that my assistants have to be on point at all times or else it could cost me a client! Triple-check everything! Thank god my tailor came through for me!

When looking for an assistant, I look for someone who is detail-oriented, organized, proactive, hardworking, creative, trustworthy, reliable, forward-thinking, passionate about their job, has common sense, has a positive attitude, and who plays their position.

Amoy had a very long day the night we had the fitting for her party dress. She was very tired so I didn't take it personally when she didn't like any of the dresses I had initially pulled for her. She always comes through for me so I wasn't going to let her down. She looked amazing in her hot pink Catherine Malandrino dress—such a signature Amoy look!


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