Michiko on episode 8: Battle Royale

I just kept to myself for the most part of that drama and let them do their thing. I loved Adair's vibe from the minute I met her. Her music is everything I like...energy, clever lyrics and kick ss beats! I needed to work with her. I love Adair's personality and flare. She is strong, sexy and wild. Her music reflects her personality and I wanted to give her that edge that she has. She reminds me of a cartoon character...larger than life! I love her baby pink hair...it is amaaaaazing and she has such a story to tell! I was inspired by a cartoon that I used to watch, "Jem and the holograms"...this cartoon superhero band. They solved mysteries and did the coolest sh*t. Anyway, Adair just reminded me of Jem and I had to give her that punk rock/80's cartoon edge. I always love big hair (can't help it, I'm a product of the 80's!) so I added extensions and crimped the hair to give it texture. I also added a cornrow on the side just for detail and to tuck the hair back on one side. I loved the hair in the end and Adair looked powerful, strong, and very rock star. For her makeup, I just wanted to bring out her eyes by giving her a cat eye...and I love how fun Adair's personality is, so it was all about a bright lip.

The most important part of my job is to make the client happy. If the client is happy, then I know I'm doing my job right. I loved that Adair was so open to anything...it was as if she really trusted me, and that felt good. I'm thrilled that Adair was happy with the look...I wanted to give her confidence and make her feel even more sexy than she already is with a strong look that commands attention. She looked amazing!!!

I was excited to work with Amoy for Crystal's jewelry shoot because it gave me a chance to directly work with Amoy and develop a working relationship with her. Amoy is an amazing hair stylist and I always am happy to assist anyone of her caliber, especially if I can learn something while working with her. Since I haven't had a chance to work with Crystal yet, this was a good opportunity to do a little work with her, even if I am assisting Amoy.

At first, I had no idea what was going on and then I realized that Crystal and Amoy were actually arguing! I thought they were arguing only in a joking way, but as things progressed, they were not joking! Things started actually getting heated. I'm a pretty neutral person (hey, I'm Canadian!) and don't like drama and try to stay away far away from it...and so I just kept to myself for the most part of that drama and let them do their thing. I did understand both sides to the argument. Amoy's point was that Crystal should have mentioned that she may have wanted another option for hair, especially since we were prepping everything before the shoot. Crystal claims it was a last minute decision but maybe she should have been nicer and more understanding when she asked for the change of hair.

Sh*t happens and if I needed to step in, then bring it on. I knew I could do the job and since Amoy left the shoot, someone had to do it. I was happy to be there and available to step in and do my thing. Yes, it was tense and stressful but if this was a way of proving myself to Crystal and the B. Lynn group, I'm happy to take the reigns and do it.

I finally felt accepted by Crystal after the shoot. I think she always questioned my skills as a combo, and especially a hair stylist. I think by stepping in and taking charge, especially in such a stressful situation, I proved to her that I could do both.

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