Mike on episode 6: Celebrity Sample Sale

I don't think I could ever turn down a job, no matter where I am in life.It felt great working with Luda for the Soul Train Awards. Luda has great energy! Here’s where some of my inspiration came from in styling Ludacris. He was a featured on the song "Bullet Proof" by Raheem Devaughn. The song has a "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye type of feel to it. So the look I was going for with Luda was the modern day Black Panther/ Militant Hip Hop rebel. I kind of made it up as I was shopping, listening to the song in my head. My fitting with Luda went just as I had planned. Easy as a lay-up! Basketball talk.


I took the Ryan Leslie job in addition to Luda's, because that's what I do! Everyday I'm hustlin', everyday I'm hustlin' (in my Ricky Ross voice)...I don't think I could ever turn down a job, no matter where I am in life. But then again, I can't tell the future...

When I heard that the budget was kind of Tiny Tim style, it really didn't matter because I've been wanting to work with Ryan for a while now. Plus we were already cool like that.


I think the fitting with Ryan Leslie went pretty well, despite the fact that I really didn't have a lot of time to work with. But I knew about his style already, with a little direction from Ryan himself. Kwasi, my right hand, was still back in NY. So Kwasi and I were able to form like a Voltron, via phone, and rock out.

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