Shaun on episode 4: La La Land

My first meeting with my personal shopping client, Ryan, felt exuberating. It was a breath of fresh air to get back to what I truly enjoy doing, and that’s redefining my clients’ images. It was just me (the expert) and my client, and that couldn’t have felt better.

My biggest concern in helping Ryan was that I was a little concerned about his height and frame, and how the clothing was going to fit on him. In the end, his measurements really weren't an issue. Ryan was a very classic/conservative type of dresser and I really wanted to show him that he could still incorporate trends & color into his wardrobe without comprising his sense of style or sense of self. I did just that!

Knowing that Ryan loved everything I picked out for him just reconfirmed that I am great at what I do. It’s obvious that my clients trust and value my opinions and expertise and there is no better compliment than that! Some of my favorite NYC stores to shop at are Intermix, Big Drop, LF, Rag & Bone, Alice & Olivia, Bergdorf’s, vintage shops in the LES, Donna Karan, Saks. These stores embody everything I want in my wardrobe.

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