Read What iVillage Has to Say About I'm Having Their Baby!

 Adoptive parents can go through a harrowing emotional journey, filled with ups and downs, hopes and disappointments, excitement and fear. But what about the birth mothers of those children who are adopted? What do they go through and who tells their story?

Oxygen has the answer to that. Their new six-part docu-series, I'm Having Their Baby, (which premieres tonight at 11pm EST) follows 12 women (two per episode) through their pregnancies as they make the ultimate decision to place their children for adoption. Each episode really delves into the lives of each woman, and offers an intense view into reasoning behind such a difficult choice.

As a birth mother myself, I didn't know what to expect from I'm Having Their Baby. An unexpected pregnancy surprised me back in 2010 and after much debate, I decided to place my son for adoption. I worked closely with an adoption agency in my hometown where I met with counselors, filled out paperwork and ultimately picked a family. It was the most difficult decision I've ever made...

Want to hear more about the author’s experience as a birth mother and what she had to say about I'm Having Their Baby? Read the rest of the blog here.


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