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When you're a birth mom, the most important decision you make for your child is who will become "mom and dad." The fourth episode of Oxygen's I'm Having Their Baby focused on the relationships that can develop between birth moms and adoptive families.

The first birth mom we met during this episode is Brandalynn (above), a 20-year-old mother of one with a daughter on the way. Her adoptive parents, Kim and Brian, came to all of her prenatal appointments with her and ever came to the hospital for the birth. Brandalynn even said that she knew "from the second I saw them that they were going to be the people I was going to choose." But despite truly loving the couple and not wanting to disappoint them, she still worried about changing her mind, saying, "I hope I don't look back."

Mercedes, the other birth mother in the episode, had a similarly close relationship with her prospective adoptive parents as well. They all seemed exceptionally close during a meeting with Mercedes social worker -- Pamela (the adoptive mother) mentioned that she and Mercedes would text every single day, even if it was just to say good morning. But since Mercedes and her boyfriend/father of her baby, Mikey, were still incredibly close to one another, she too wondered if she would come to regret her decision to place her soon-to-be-daughter up for adoption with her adoptive family.

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