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Adoption can be many things for a birth mother -- emotional, sad, dramatic, even heartbreaking, and we've seen it all on Oxygen's docu-series, I'm Having Their Baby. But there's another theme that has been present in all of the episodes, and it's the best one yet: they all have happy endings.

During the season finale, we met Megan, a 21-year-old pregnant with her first child. She was very sure of her choice to place her unborn daughter up for adoption -- she had plans to finish college and go into the military. Some hesitation from the birth father and some tension between Megan and her mother (who wanted her to keep the baby), almost derailed Megan's plans for adoption, but after her daughter was born, her plans ended up changing anyway: Megan decided to keep the baby, and she couldn't be happier with her choice.

Lindsay was the second birth mom in the season finale, and her story had a twist of its own: twins! After the birth of her son Eli four years earlier, Lindsay realized that being a single mom with one child was hard enough. When she finally decided on adoption, she announced her plan to do a home birth, but only if she was going to receive a lot of support from friends and family -- and the adoptive parents. The successful home birth brought Lindsay closer together with the adoptive family, and she was thrilled with the sense of community the adoption gave her.

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