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All of your relationships are important when you're pregnant, but this week's episode of Oxygen's I'm Having Their Baby deals with the one that can be a definite game changer in a birth mother's decision-making process: the relationship you have with the father of your baby.

First, we meet Sarah, a high school sophomore who is pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, Gage. Though the couple was together when Sarah discovered she was pregnant, they soon began fighting nonstop, and she broke it off. However, she still has to cope with whether she wants him involved, and Gage's strained relationship with Sarah's father only adds to the tension.

In this episode, we also meet Nicol, a single mother of three who has already placed a child for adoption, but is now pregnant again with another child. The father of her baby is Lance, a guy Nicol considers "immature and irresponsible." Along with an unsupportive family, Nicol also has to deal with the pressure of Lance wanting to raise the baby with her, even though she doesn't think that's a good idea.

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