Bonus Videos: Maria and Thai's Hidden Talents

By Lauren Zupkus

In these bonus videos from I'm Having Their Baby Episode 6, we see the talented, artistic sides to mothers Maria and Thai. This first video follows Maria and her dance partner to an audition for a performance at The Ritz. Maria has the jitters for two reasons: not only is it the first time she dances with her partner as a couple, but Maria also has an adorable little crush on him too! Watch as they nail the audition and Maria blushes at the thought of telling her partner her true feelings. In the second video, Thai performs a traditional Celtic song for an audience and talks about her passion for singing. As a kid, her parents joked that Thai "could sing before she could talk." It's refreshing to see these expectant mothers still making time for their hobbies while in the midst of their stressful decisions. 

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Here's What Happened on Episode 6 (PHOTOS)

Meet Maria in this Sneak Peek 

Meet Thai in this Sneak Peek 

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