Here's What Happened on Episode 4 of 'I'm Having Their Baby'

By Lauren Zupkus

On Episode 4 of I'm Having Their Baby we meet two expecting mothers from very different walks of life. Amanda is a recovering drug addict with two children of her own, though because of her addiction to pain pills she does not have custody over them. She knows she must place her baby up for adoption with a stable family so that she can focus on getting her other two kids back. Megan is a 25 year-old bubbly student from smalltown Texas who became pregnant with her boyfriend after only 3 weeks of dating. Though she's always wanted a baby boy, her parents feel that since Megan doesn't have a degree, a well-paying job, or a husband, she should place the baby in a more reliable home. Watch as the two brave women make extraordinarily tough decisions in this photo gallery recap of Episode 4. 

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Meet Amanda in this Sneak Peek

Meet Megan in this Sneak Peek

Here's What Happened on Episode 3 (PHOTOS) 

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