Here's What Happened on Episode 5 of 'I'm Having Their Baby'

On Episode 5 of I'm Having Their Baby, we meet two different women from Michigan who face the same decision: to place or keep the babies they are carrying. Alexa is an 18-year-old self-proclaimed tomboy who got pregnant by a friend on the night of her high school graduation. Since she's still so young and the pregnancy was completely unplanned, Alexa decides to place her baby with adoptive parents Brian and Courtney. Alexa's mother, Elizabeth, was not present for the majority of her childhood, so Alexa wants an open adoption so that her child will not feel completely abandoned by her birth mother. However, Elizabeth and Alexa's adoption counselor are concerned that the adoption will not be as "open" as Alexa hopes.  Brittany from Detroit is already a mother of two when she becomes pregnant with a baby boy. Brittany plans to place the baby for adoption because she already struggles financially, but the newborn's father Mike desperately wants to keep it. Mike and Brittany's rocky relationship only worsens when they wrestle with this decision. Click through the gallery for an episode recap.

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Sneak Peek: Alexa

Sneak Peek: Brittany 

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