Here's What Happened on Episode 6 of 'I'm Having Their Baby'

By Lauren Zupkus

On Episode 6 of I'm Having Their Babywe meet Thai, a bubbly 29-year-old from Lincolnton, North Carolina. Thai is already a mother to her 3-year-old son DJ when she gets pregnant with a baby girl by her current boyfriend, Adam. Adam makes it clear to her that he does not want the child, claiming that their lives will be "ruined" and he will "resent" his daughter if Thai keeps her. Being adopted herself, Thai arranges to place the baby with an adoptive family. Secretly, she hopes that Adam will change his mind once the baby is born. Maria is a 21-year-old aspiring dance teacher from Jacksonville, Florida. For such a young woman, Maria has faced many tragedies. After being forced into prostitution by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Maria was arrested and lost custody of her son Julius. Now that she is pregnant with another baby, she considers adoption so that she can focus on getting custody of her son back. Maria's grandmother, however, says she will disown Maria if she chooses to place the baby. Click through the photo gallery to see what happens on this dramatic episode of I'm Having Their Baby.

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Meet Maria in this Sneak Peek

Meet Thai in this Sneak Peek

Here's What Happened on Episode 5 (PHOTOS)

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