Here's What Happened on 'I'm Having Their Baby' Episode 9 (PHOTOS)

By Lauren Zupkus

On Episode 9 of I'm Having Their Baby, high school students Megan and Zakk are forced to put their military dreams on hold when Megan becomes pregnant. Only 17 years old, Megan and Zakk still live with their parents and aren't exactly ready to raise a child. After selecting adoptive parents Emily and Pete, however, Megan starts having second thoughts about raising her daughter. Renee and Randall are happily married when Renee becomes pregnant with twins: one girl and one boy. Growing up with twin sisters, Renee knows raising two infants is no easy task, and her financial situation isn't stable enough to support them. She and Randall feel good about adoptive parents Chris and Sasha, but Renee's last pregnancy leaves her with a bad taste in her mouth. Scroll through the gallery for a recap of I'm Having Their Baby Episode 9. 

Tune into 'I'm Having Their Baby' Wednesdays at 10/9c. 


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