Here's What Happened on 'I'm Having Their Baby: Raising Marcin & Joseph'

By Lauren Zupkus

On 'I'm Having Their Baby: Raising Joseph & Marcin' we caught up with Season 1 moms Mariah and Amanda as they visit their adoptive families. First, take a look through our photogallery of stills from Mariah and Amanda's episode, in which they share their journeys of placing their babies. Mariah was a teen mom of one when she became pregnant with a second child. Knowing she did not have the financial stability to raise another child, she and her boyfriend Johnny selected Jake and Jessica as adoptive parents. Amanda and Shawn already had three boys when Amanda became pregnant with another one. Growing up around same-sex couples and being "open-minded," Amanda was set on placing her son with John and Doug, a gay couple from Minnesota. Scroll to watch the 'Raising Joseph & Marcin' videos, and see what happens when Mariah visits Joseph and Amanda visits Marcin for the first time in months.   

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