Meet the Moms of Episode 8: Cathleen & Jeni

By Oxygen

In Episode 8, Cathleen hopes to place her baby for adoption but has zero -- literally zero -- support. When she asks her mother to be there for the final decision, her mother responds, "No ma'am" and basically walks out of the discussion. Friends and family don't answer their phones, so Cathleen is forced to contend with the pregnancy, the paperwork, and the final decision all by herself. Will she go through with it or keep the child? The second mom in Episode 8 is Jeni, who is 41 years old and pregnant. Her oldest daughter wants her to keep the baby, but Jeni thinks adoption will be the best thing, saying that, among her many reasons to place the child, "Having a 3-month-old grandson and me being pregnant is...awkward." Watch the preview!

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