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By Nicholas Sanford

On this episode of I’m Having Their Baby, Megan struggles with whether or not she should place her baby for adoption while Amanda, though emotionally conflicted at times, recognizes that it’s her responsibility to provide her child with the best possible future. She discusses her history with addiction, which has significantly influenced her decision to place the baby in a loving home, and admits that staying clean — now and in the future — is her top priority. Read the complete episode recap from Nick Sanford from gossip blog Celebrity Dirty Laundry.


At the top of the show, Amanda sits in front of her Diary Cam with only three weeks left until the baby’s due. Emotions are high and it’s her goal to stay clean, healthy, and positive for the remainder of the pregnancy so she can welcome a happy, perfect baby into this world.

In St. Petersburg, Florida, Amanda shops with her mother, with whom she’s always been quite close. The mother and daughter talk about placing the baby into a new family, and Amanda’s mother admits that it will probably be the hardest thing they’ll ever have to witness. Amanda confesses that she feels bad about the situation, but her mother consoles her and says “the facts can’t be changed.” However tough it may be, Amanda realizes this is for the best. She says that this child deserves a better life than the one she can currently provide.

Megan, 25, pregnant with a boy she’s named Parker, opens her Diary Cam: “My boobs aren’t growing [. . .] which is the only symptom I wanted from this pregnancy.” She’s currently staying with her parents until she’s ready to give birth and she jokes that her mother follows her around the house with a plastic sheet — to protect the fine furniture should her water spontaneously break! The living situation takes a toll on Megan, and she admits that it gets awkward at times, especially with her parents’ conservative perspectives regarding marriage, pregnancy, and relationships in general.

Megan’s mother says that a complete family unit should be established before bringing a baby into this world. Megan thinks that by placing the baby for adoption this will alleviate some of the familial tension between her and her parents, but there’s no hiding the fact that Megan’s struggling with what to do. Part of her wants to experience the joys of raising a baby boy; the other part of her wants to make sure the baby’s raised by a complete home—she’s already found the perfect set of parents prepared for the task.

Her father’s adamant she go through with the adoption: Keeping the baby’s not an option, he says, primarily because Amanda doesn’t have an education, a husband, or any life plan firmly established yet. His perspectives seem harsh and, to some, unsympathetic, but he tries to keep his daughter’s best interests in mind.

Meanwhile, Amanda takes a drive to meet Tom and Jennifer, the adoptive parents. All parties are extremely nervous; however, once everyone meets they get off on a good foot.

Two weeks before her due date, Megan says during her Diary Cam that her doctor asked if she’d be interested in inducing labor. She struggles with that decision immensely because she can’t bear the thought of having to hold her child in her arms and then place him in the arms of someone else, for the rest of his life.

Megan meets up with Jacob, the father of her child and the man who walked out on her upon discovering she was pregnant. She says that if Jacob was willing to step up and be a father that she’d keep this baby, no questions asked. But, unfortunately, he’s not prepared nor willing to undergo such an endeavor.

Amanda has a heart-to-heart talk with her father, primarily about the adoption and her two other children, who currently live their aunt. Amanda hasn’t seen her children in a year because of her struggles with prescription drugs, to which she became addicted to after having one of her children.

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Megan goes furniture shopping with her sister, Kim, and she hopes talking to her will alleviate some of the stress surrounding the adoption. Her sister is incredibly supportive, more so than her parents, and she fears that years down the road Megan will look back on this moment and regret her decision. Kim says that if she has even an inkling that she wants to keep this baby, then she should do it, no matter what anyone else thinks. Kim wants her sister to know that she has her full support.

On the Diary Cam, Amanda says she’s ready to burst. She’s anxious as she heads to the doctor to prepare for the C-section, mainly because she’s not sure about the emotions that will arrive once the procedure is finished. The adoptive parents are already there, and they are worried that Amanda will back out.

Analeigh, 6 lbs 7 oz., is born at 2:13 PM. The baby is taken to see Tom and Jennifer, who struggled with past pregnancies, and their faces light up with joy. Amanda’s mother is very emotional, filled with tears, and she confesses that handing her granddaughter over to her new parents was a heartwrenching experience.

Two hours later, Amanda’s baby begins experiencing severe health complications and she’s taken to the NICU. Because of Amanda’s substance abuse in the past, the baby experiences withdrawals and is ordered to remain under close observation for a couple weeks.

Meanwhile, Megan waits in the hospital to deliver her baby. Her contractions get more and more acute, and she’s nervous about what to expect after the birth. While her sister offered to establish a joint custody situation, to help Megan raise the baby while she establishes a reasonable life plan, Megan ultimately decides to place the baby for adoption. But . . . . She worries she’ll change her mind when she lays eyes on her baby boy for the first time.

Parker, 8lbs 6 oz., is born at 6:32 PM. Megan holds Parker with a smile. She instantly falls in love with him and says she’s experiencing an overwhelming amount of love and joy. Her parents hold him, too, and they express their love. Her father says that it’s going to take great strength for Megan to go forward with this decision.

Megan, admitting that she can hardly stand watching others experience those moments she longs to experience, breaks down in tears. Jacob is there to comfort her; however, the father who felt he didn’t have what it takes to be a real father, confesses that holding the child in his arms has “made everything real.” The adoptive parents they’ve lined up for Parker fear that they will change their mind and, ultimately, choose to keep the child.

Amanda’s baby’s expected to make a full recovery and she proceeds with the adoption paperwork. Amanda makes her way out of the hospital. It’s hard to leave the hospital without Analeigh, she says, but she knows in her heart that this decision was the correct one. Her next mission: reunite with her other children.

Megan gets some alone time with Parker. She doesn’t want to say goodbye. As she holds the sleeping child in her arms, she breaks down and wonders how she can possibly let him go.

The adoptive mother continues to worry that she won’t go through with the adoption. She receives the paperwork. She signs her name. She says that, while it’s hard, the decision is the right one. She admits that taking home the baby would bring her great pride and make her happy but that, soon, she’d realize she can’t give him the life he deserves.

Four months after Amanda gave birth, she says she still feels wonderful about the adoption. After having a brief relapse, Amanda checked herself into a month long rehab facility. Upon release, she found a house cleaning job and continues to work toward gaining custody of her two children, who continue to find academic success and thrive with their current guardian.

Two months after Megan gave birth, she exclaims that she’s pleased with how the adoption panned out—and doesn’t regret the decision. She’s seen pictures of Parker with his siblings and looks forward to what the future has in store for her, for her partner Jacob, and Parker.


Wow, what an emotional episode! Everyone’s journeys experience different winds and turns and struggles, but at the end of the day these powerful stories of adoption prove that new life has the power to both unite and heal.

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