Sneak Peek: "I Don't Want to Watch You Give Away What I Helped Create"

By Lauren Zupkus

In this Sneak Peek of Episode 11, Kayla struggles to see eye-to-eye with the baby's father. Knowing that they cannot afford to raise and properly provide for a child, Kayla opts for adoption and wants the baby's father to understand her choice. She also asks that he be at the hospital when she gives birth and when she places the baby with its adoptive family. He, on the other hand, can't believe that she would ask her to be there when the baby is born, saying, "I don't want to watch you give away what I helped create." He argues that his other children have helped him turn his life around, and with another child he knows he will only become a better father. Watch the tumultous situation unfold here and catch this episode of I'm Having Their Baby Wednesday at 10/9c. 

Watch 'I'm Having Their Baby' Wednesdays at 10/9c.


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