The Ashley's Reality Roundup of 'I'm Having Their Baby' Episode 3

By Ashley Majeski

On 'I'm Having Their Baby' Episode 3, moms Nadia and Corinthia had some difficult choices to make. Ashley Majeski, the blogger behind, recaps the emotional episode below.

This week on I’m Having Their Baby we met Nadia and Corinthia, two women who want to place their babies for adoption, but for very different reasons.

First we focus on Nadia from Los Angeles, who is trying to look on the bright side of being pregnant—people open doors for her and she can stuff as many pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream into her gullet as she wants. However, it’s not all happiness and Cherry Garcia for Nadia. Her unplanned pregnancy has gotten in the way of her achieving her dream of being a tattoo model. Nadia, who sports armfuls of tattoos as well as a fashionable side eye piercing, gets a taste of the supermodel life during a pregnancy photo shoot.

Nadia has decided to place her baby for adoption because she isn’t ready to be a mother. She’s confident in her decision. However, the father Shea isn’t exactly gung-ho about it. In fact, he’s refusing to sign his rights over when the baby is born.

Shea and Nadia have an interesting past—they met while they were both at basic training for the U.S. Army, got married, got deployed and got divorced all in a few years’ span. Nadia said that, after their divorce, they were trying to “work things out” again, and in the process, she accidentally got pregnant.

Shea is still in the military and doesn’t want any part of the show, so we didn't meet him on the episode. We will, however, get to meet Ashley, Nadia’s best friend who is also against the adoption. Ashley thinks Nadia will regret her decision forever and has been trying to convince her to keep the baby.

The next day, Nadia introduces us to Daniel, her roommate, who is clearly in love with her. (No man will haul around a girl’s pink purse all day unless he’s in it to win it!)

Nadia tells Daniel that the adoptive parents are getting nervous that Shea won’t sign the adoption papers. Nadia says that if Shea doesn’t sign the papers, she won’t either. Unfortunately, she’s having a hard time getting in contact with him, because he’s not answering any of her phone calls.

Next, we jump over to West Jordan, Utah, where we meet another pregnant woman who’s placing her baby. Corinthia, who is already the mother of three young children, has about a month to go in her pregnancy and doesn’t think she can handle another child.  Delonte is the father of all four of the children and has known Corinthia since middle school. She tells us that he was her first “real boyfriend” and that they have been together for seven years.

Delonte seems like a good dad. He’s been in his children’s lives since they were born and seems to enjoy taking care of them. One thing Delonte isn’t good at? Working. Corinthia tells us that Delonte has never had a job in the seven years that they’ve been together. 

Seriously? You’ve got three kids and another on the way, buddy!

Apparently, Delonte thinks “working on his music” is enough of a job. Corinthia is a full-time mother and also doesn’t work. Delonte’s rap career has yet to bring in any money, so the family is living off of state aid. Even so, Delonte doesn’t want to place their child…but he also doesn’t want to get a job, so Corinthia says there are no other options. The adoption agency had actually moved Corinthia and her family to Utah from Washington D.C. a few months prior because they were about to be evicted.

The next day, Corinthia goes to meet the baby’s adoptive parents, two wholesome-looking folks named Amanda and Damien. Corinthia says she doesn’t care that the baby’s new parents will be a different race than she is, and the adoptive parents don’t care either. They are thrilled at the prospect of being parents.

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Corinthia and Delonte come face-to-face with Amanda and Damien, and Corinthia says she feels like she’s a bad mother because she’s not keeping the baby. Amanda and Damien tell them that they’d like to have Corinthia and Delonte be involved in the child’s life.

Next, we check back in with Nadia, who is heading to an ultrasound appointment to get her first look at her unborn son. It’s here we learn a bit more about Nadia’s rough life: she was raped by a civilian while in the Army, which she says kicked off a two-year addiction to cocaine and pain pills. She’s been clean for almost two years, and feels that if she can handle addiction, she can handle placing her baby for adoption.

Despite the fact that they have no money and eat Ramen noodles every night, Ashley is still trying to convince her best friend not to go through with the adoption. She says Nadia would be “super excellent” at being a mom, but Nadia is still not convinced.

A week later, Nadia is stressing because Shea is still refusing to sign the papers. To get her mind off the drama, Ashley decides to throw Nadia a barbeque baby shower. The only problem? She doesn’t have any money, so Nadia gets stuck paying for a baby shower she didn’t even want for a baby she’s not even going to keep. Nadia shells out the $90 for the hot dogs and other assorted junk food products. (To be fair, her friend Daniel did contribute a handful of change.) Nadia’s not happy that she got stuck paying for her own baby shower and lets Ashley know it. Nadia says this is just more proof that she’d be alone if she ended up keeping the baby.  

Over in Utah, it’s time for Corinthia to be induced. Soon she’s in full-on labor, howling and pushing out the baby. A few hours later baby Quinna is born and the adoptive parents are over the moon. The nurse places Quinna in Corinthia’s arms, even though she said it was hard to hold the baby, knowing that she won’t be raising her.

Delonte tells us that the baby is a “split image” of him and is patting himself on the back for doing such a nice job creating her. 

In Los Angeles, Nadia is preparing to give birth. She ended the brawl with Ashley over the ill-fated barbeque baby shower just in time for Ashley to drive her to the hospital when she started to go into labor. She gives birth to baby Aiden, but the father is still refusing to sign over his paternity rights. The adoptive parents want to take him to court, but Nadia decides to put a stop to all the drama by announcing she’s keeping the baby after all. The adoptive parents are crushed, but Nadia’s happy with her decision to keep her son.

A month later, Nadia tells us that she is trying to work things out with Aiden’s father and will be moving to Michigan to be near his family. She’s sad to leave Ashley and Daniel but has to do what is best for her and her son. Ashley is devastated to lose her friend.  

Over in Corinthia’s neck of the woods, a photographer has arrived to take photos of the baby. Corinthia gets upset when the insensitive photographer comes in to take photos of the baby with the adoptive parents, calling Amanda “mom” right in front of Corinthia. Poor Amanda tries to smooth things over and respect Corinthia, but the situation gets completely awkward very quickly. Corinthia feels disrespected, and is even talking about keeping the child because of what happened. Amanda is crushed at the thought of losing the baby and things get very intense.

It’s 30 minutes past the time Corinthia was supposed to sign the papers, and she’s still not sure what she wants to do about the baby. Amanda and Damien are nervously awaiting her decision, when, after two hours, Corinthia arrives at the paper signing. She’s still not sure what to do. The adoption agents don’t look very happy about the whole situation, and the adoptive parents are devastated. At long last, she decides to sign the papers, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Afterwards, the adoption agent gives Amanda and Damien the happy news and Corinthia wheels baby Quinna over to her new parents. It’s a touching moment as Amanda gets to hold her baby for the first time, and Corinthia says that she’s to be someone’s hero by giving them the family they’ve always wanted.

Six months later, we check back in with the ladies. Quinna is doing well with Damien and Amanda. As for Corinthia? She’s pregnant….again! This time, however, she already knows what to do—she plans to place the new baby with Damien and Amanda so that Quinna can have a biological sister living with her.

Nadia is doing well, living with Aiden’s grandparents and working at a grocery store. Things didn’t work out with her baby’s father, but she’s happy she decided to keep Aiden.

Ashley Majeski is the blogger behind She loves all pregnancy-related TV shows and is the co-author of the new book 'Teen Mom Confidential: Secrets and Scandals From MTV’s Most Controversial Shows', on sale now.

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