Twitter Roundup: Support for the Women of 'I'm Having Their Baby 2'

By Lauren Zupkus

On Season 2 of I'm Having Their Baby, we follow pregnant women who face the incredibly difficult decision to keep their baby or place it for adoption. On top of this already stressful situation, most of the women encounter some opposition from their family members and loved ones. So, we gathered notable tweets from the many Twitter users who showed support for the women on the show, like the one above from Basketball Wives star Ashley Alston. Scroll down for a list of our favorites.  

This tweet comes from co-host of MSNBC's The Cycle, S.E. Cupps (@secupp) :


This tweet comes from someone who has been adopted herself, @tiannaab:


Another supportive tweet from Twitter user @Reneefanatic2:


Twitter user @2Door_Porsche thinks of the adoption as a "lifelong gift:" 



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