In Ice Cold Blood: Mini Episodes

Watch these compact mini-episodes taken from popular stories television series "In Ice Cold Blood with Ice-T."

In Ice Cold Blood: Sex Swingers and Death

Police were baffled by the execution-style murder of merchant marine Lee Sehorne. Their investigation led them from a swingers club to a Latin Kings-connected killer paid by Sehorne's wife and her lover, looking to collect Lee's life insurance money. Ice-T calls it a "toxic cocktail of lust and greed."

In Ice Cold Blood: Death and Sexting

Biker Scooter Abrahamsen's night of sex and partying turned into his brutal murder at the hand of a prostitute he hired and her porn star boyfriend. Ice-T says what detectives called a "thrill kill" could only have been done by someone dead on the inside.

In Ice Cold Blood: Master Obsession

Promising young law student Lauren Giddings is found in pieces behind her apartment. Ice-T lays out the trail of evidence that led police to a neighbor with a dangerous obsession, who went from secretly videotaping Giddings to a gruesome hacksaw murder.

In Ice Cold Blood: Peeping Perv

Corey Parker had her whole life ahead of her when her younger stalker took her life — stabbing her 101 times. Ice-T traces detectives' efforts to snag a DNA sample from their prime suspect, a sly 18-year-old with a sexual obsession that turned murderous.

In Ice Cold Blood: Three Hairs

When military wife Dina Kichler was raped and murdered in Florida in 1990, detectives had a prime suspect, but he tricked his way out of being charged. As Ice-T explains, it took eight years and a second murder in New Hampshire for detectives from two states to come together and put killer John Brewer behind bars for life.

In Ice Cold Blood: Deadly Fetish

Brittany Kilgore thought she was going on an innocent dinner cruise in the San Diego Harbor with friend's boyfriend. Instead, she was murdered by a master, mistress and their slave in a shocking BDSM torture session. Ice-T relates the twisted story that ended with one innocent woman dead and three murderers spending the rest of their lives behind bars.